Grading & Clearing Projects

We can handle the tough residential grading projects! From driveways and house pads to land clearing and tree removal, trust Cantrell Grading for all your grading needs.

Project: Driveway & Level Area For New Home Costruction

This project involved residential grading and land clearing for a brand new driveway and road leading into another area where we cleared and leveled for a new home being constructed. Cutting in the road, removing the trees and stumps and leveled it all out with proper drainage... Cantrell Grading can do it all. Professional work at fair prices. Click on images for larger view!
If you need a new road cut in with proper drainage or an area cleared out for a building pad then call Cantrell Grading. We go that extra mile to ensure everything is done right the first time. Check out our reviews. We maintain a 5 star rating for a reason. Our work is always professional and we love what we do! Over 25 years of experience doing it!


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