Grading & Clearing Services

We can handle the tough residential grading projects! From driveways and house pads to land clearing and tree removal, trust Cantrell Grading for all your grading needs.

20+ Years Of Experience! Level 1A Certified Personnel.

Residential Grading

Fully Licensed & Insured in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
20+ Years Of Experience!
Level 1A Certified Personnel
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Land Clearing And/Or Back Filling

Proper back-filling and grading are essential to avoid serious structural and drainage problems. We have extensive experience.
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New Home Sites

So you bought that piece of property you wanted and now it is time to build. Let us clear out that lot for your new home.
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Barn & Shop Pads

We clear & grade a lot of barn and shop pads here in north Georgia. It is one of the most popular projects.
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Dirt, Brush & Stump Removal

Don't waste time and energy doing it yourself. We have the equipment to come in and get it done fast.
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Driveways & Parking Areas

As our project area shows, we cut, clear and grade a lot of driveways. Even in the most difficult areas.
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Property Improvements

Sometimes you simple need a tree line down or want that standing water in those low areas to drain. Maybe you are tired of looking at those stumps or want a new pasture area. We can help!
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RV & Camper Pads

Don’t park or store your RV or Camper away from your home when not traveling. Cantrell Grading can clear an area of trees, grade a level area for a concrete pad and/or shed to park it safely and securely.
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Playgrounds & Swimming Pools

Do you need a larger area for your kids to play? Maybe just a level area or an area cleared of trees? How about a swimming pool over where that hill is? We can handle that too. We will give you a free estimate.
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Why Cantrell Grading?
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Grading & Drainage
Land Clearing
Driveway Grading & GravelClearing For New Home
Backfill A Foundationbarn pad


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